The geographic location of Tokaj-Hegyalja:

Tokaj-Hegyalja, as a closed historical wine region, is located close to the northern border of grape production. In terms of the size of the vineyard, it means 6600 and 7500 acres of planted area under cultivation. Its geographical location starts from the Tokaj Kopasz hill to the Sátor hill in Abaújszántó and from the Sátor hill in Abaújszántó to the Sátor hill in Sátoraljaújhely, covering an area of about 57 km in length, between 600 and 900 m height, which was once of volcanic origin including the vineyards of Tokaj, Eperjes, the eastern, southeastern, southern, and southwestern slopes of the Zemplén mountain ranges.

Grape growing happens on a geographic level in Tokaj-Hegyalja.