Climatic Features of Tokaj – Hegyalja


The dry continental climate of Tokaj – Hegyalja, as a closed historical wine area, is characterized with hot summers and cold winters. Due to the geographical location of the wine region, it is protected, its area is situated from the ​​Tokaj Kopasz mountain through the Eperjes, Zemplén mountain ranges, parallel to the Bordrog River and it covers an area, which is 70 km long and 10-15 km wide. As a result, the 6-800 m high mountain ranges of Zemplén - Eperjes protect the wine region from the rushing cold of the Northern Carpathians and from the sudden frost. Due to this, the grapes planted on the southern, southwestern and southeastern slopes of the region suffer less from the damages of the frost.


The rainfall distribution of the wine region is 550 mm per year, but it is about 350 mm per year measured for the vegetation period. While the average annual temperature measured in the wine region is 10.6 degrees Celsius, the average July and August temperature is 26.1 degrees Celsius. The number of sunshine hours varies from 1900 to 2100 on average.