history of our Winery

Our family winery, as a family-run business was established in 1993, as a limited partnership, in the village of Tállya bourgeois mansion built in the 18th century. In the beginning, we worked on three hectares of vineyard. Due to the geographical features of Tokaj-Hegyalja, of course, first we started to deal with viticulture, then with wine making. First, we produced wines in wood and then we put more emphasis on bottled wines. Over the years, due to our fast growing enterprise and thanks to our growing market, we started to deal with wine in decorated glass battles besides the traditional bottles. As a consequence, we could observe a sharp increase in our new domestic and foreign partners.




The most important principles in our wine technology include the consistent quality and the adherence to the classical traditions. Of course, we are ready to receive, host and to introduce a new type of reductive tendency.

Our family-run winery has an 18 year old history. We have achieved everything with our own efforts, without any credit and we can say that our wines have appeared abroad, as well. I would like to highlight some of our business partners involving South Korea and Seoul, which is a huge achievement for a small Central Hungarian enterprise. But I could also mention Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, England, Belgium, Scotland or Switzerland, too. We have always fulfilled the continuously arriving orders with the utmost care.

Our local customers find us in small and medium -sized businesses and commercial units. We participate in national and international wine festivals, where we can introduce ourselves, our wines and our creed personally to our consumers. Our family will always be at disposal for all the interested customers.

In 2000, we bought a grape processing plant and a cellar with it in Szerencs, so our headquarter was transferred from Tállya to Szerencs. At the official transference of the cellar, our cellar was introduced as one of the most beautiful cellar of the Tokaj wine region. The origins of this cellar could be traced back to 1901, to Count Harkányi, all the other records were lost, but probably this cellar was built around the 1700s. The cellar is 300 meters long and nearly 300 barrels can be found there. The most interesting part of the cellar is the Wine Museum where there are 5,000 bottles of historic wine under maturation. Among them, the  Essence from 1936 can be found, as well. We are proud of the Aszú Essence from 1972 which was chosen to be the best wine of the world in America in 1996.

By today, we have more than 15 acres of vineyard. Our vineyards can be found in Tállya , Mád and Szerencs .