It often happens that a producer (or someone else) invites a company for a wine tasting, wine show. A very good mood can be created at the, more - less professional tasting as well. According to the general timetable, the host introduces the wine types based on the tasting order. At the end of the series, the “St. John's blessing” ("stirrup cup") follows. Then everyone gets an other drink from the presented samples. This is linked to the legend of St. John’s wine blessing. Based on the Ten Commandments of the wine drinkers, this is the cup of wine, with which they commemorate the workers working on the growing of grapes and those producing the wine. The company says thank you for the wine tasting for the host. This is the end of the “fixed” program.

During the wine tasting some rules must be kept:

1 Do not smoke; do not chew gums during the wine tasting time, wherever they might be.

2 You must not taste the wine being completed until the person introducing them has not required you to do so!

3 Always leave some wine in your glass as long as we are talking about that given type of wine, because maybe due to someone’s comments we need to taste it again.

4 Never give your wine to someone else; pour it out to the sink if you do not want to consume it.

5 Do not try to drink the liquid in the sink, do not even mention that. It would be as if we tried to eat from the trash.

6 It is rude not to accept the wine. In this case, tell your problem to the host before the wine tasting (medications, driving) or ask for just a little wine and then pour it out to the sink.

7 Of course, please have a look at the color and smell of the wine, too!

8 Do not say cheers before tasting the wine, do not say thank you for each other!

9 Always listen to the person who is talking about the wine!

10 Always respond to the wine introduced! The wine requires to speak about it, but at least take appreciative glance at our host indicating that you appreciate the wine. It is the largest indecency, if we “do not notice” the wine!

11 Whatever the wine tastes like, find something good in it! Only mention the problems if the host urgently calls for it!

12 Salute your host with the tasting glass and say thank you for the tasting!

13 Do not take any food or “snacks” out of your bag! Only consume the food and beverages served by the host!

14 Do not knock on the barrels in the cellar! It is as if you measured the canned fruit in the cellar or as if you counted the money in your host’s wallet. This is one of the largest indecencies.

15 If you consume some of the food we serve to the drinks, then do not litter, because harmful micro-organisms can grow even on the tiniest scraps, which may cause problems in the cellar.