Some interesting facts:


Healing effects of the Tokaj wines:


The wine is an integral part of the universal human culture for 4000 years. In a positive sense Hippocrates from the antiquity has already known its physiological effects. Galen, the great Roman pharmacist and doctor considered it to be a medicine. Alexander Fleming writes: “Penicillin cures people, the wine makes them happy”.


Whenever we hear about the Tokaj wine, of course, for the first time the Aszú wine of Tokaj, the Szamorodni as dessert wine or the Furmint, lime leaf dry table wines (ordinaries) come to our mind with their golden yellow color and with their pleasant fruit and flower aromas.

The Tokaj wine types naturally have a healing effect, so let me introduce this to you in a few thoughts.



Antal Szirmai Szirmay writes the following about the healing and aphrodisiac effects of the Tokaj wines in his work with the title of ‘Topographic Incylyti Comitatus Zempleniensis” published in 1803:

“The healing power of Aszú grape wines:

By the way, these wine types especially made ​​from aszú grapes are wonderful and have a special healing power. They are very useful for the shortcomings of the soul. If we drink them, we chase away the insomnia, they cure the hot fever, they relieve headaches that last several hours and they restore those who can be compared to the dead. (They heal the diseases of the eye, refresh the burned face in the summer heat, their drinking cures the stone.)”


Mátyás Bél classifies the wine types based on their therapeutic effects in his work called “Hungarie antiquae et novae promodus” and he ranks the Wine of Tokaj to the very first place due to their “strong healing power”. Bertalan Szemere has emphasized their phosphorus content, which is so important for the bone formation.


Ágoston Ambrózy notes in his well known work (Tokaj-Hegyalja, Budapest, 1932) that “in an era when people competed for the glorification of Tokaj, the doctors attributed therapeutic effects to the Tokaj wine types. They have been described as wonder balms, which have even been recommended for hair extension”.


Medical research conducted in the first decades of the 20th century also recommended the Tokaj wine against anemia, intestine problems and also against the loss of appetite.

But due to their glucose content that promotes heart functions, they may be the most effective treatments to prevent and combat the sudden onset of heart failures. They also have remarkably high vitamin content. A German nutriment physiologist found that among the wine types those have the greatest vitamin content that contain much glucose which has not been transformed into alcohol. So he ranked the Tokaj wine to the first place.


In the 1980s the aphrodisiac experts from Honkong examined the aphrodisiac effects of various wines, and it was found that among the world's most famous wines the Tokay wine is the most powerful aphrodisiac. We can see that the Hungarian Tokay nectars are considered to be the king of wines not only due to their high quality, but also due to their healing effects.


The healing effect of the Tokaj wine, in particular that of the aszú wines was also known 350 years ago. Thanks to their sugar, ester, acetates, double esters, vitamin, antibiotic (botrytis) , mineral salt, trace element, macro -and microelement contents, the Tokaj wine types are said to be the world’s leading natural healing wine, bio wine.


The Vinum Tokajenes Passau was registered as a medicine in the IV. Hungarian Pharmacopoeia up until 1945. Today it's time that the Tokaj wines again regain the medical wine name, as their positive health effects are still only partially known in the science!