Reductive technology

Tokaji Late harvest Kövérszőlő

An exciting variety. It’s aroma is floral, discreetly spicy. In addition, it is found the grape skins with rich minerality. In the taste and the smell dominated at the same time by the juicy tropical fruits. Fresh, velvety vine. This is a special flavour, which is able to curry favor in the hearts of people. Recommend to 10 – 12 °C chilled, supplied with cakes.

koverszolo bor

Late harvest Yellow Muscat:

It is a young wine harvested and conducted by November blessing dry windy climate inventory, received high sugar content and made by reductive technology. The kind of muscat grape is a primary aroma, contains its taste and acidity in high concentrations of harmony. We recommend on 10 °C with sweets, pastries or after coffee. It is a consuming drink for time stopping euphemistics.


Dry Furmint:

This dry wine is made after a careful hand-picked late harvest with gentle processing and controlled fermentation. Thanks to the reductive technology, the Furmint will be fruit crispy, dry and young, with a clear, pale greenish-yellow color. Its flavor is quite intense and flowery. Its flavor resembles the natural flavors of the grape berry. This wine has a harmonious acidity; it is a lively, fresh wine type.

This wine is great for poultry dishes and for creamy pasta dishes.

Semi-sweet Furmint:

This wine type is in a steel tank fermented light white wine, which has retained the distinctive aroma of grapes. Its aromas and its taste it resembles features of the ripe grapes. It has got a well- balanced acidity coupled with low sugar content.

We traditionally offer this wine to vegetable sauces and fruit dishes. In addition, you can feel free to drink it to meat with sweet sauces.

Yellow Muscat:

“Spring is autumn” we could really describe this Muscat quality wine of ours. The smell evokes the spring, the sweetness evokes the charm of the autumn in lyrical harmony. There are two seasons in one wine. Its color is golden-yellow. Its fragrance is fine, elegant, harmonious, and beautiful. It is a very popular type of wine.

We offer this wine type to cold appetizers, food with green spices, vegetable-based dishes, cold fish dishes, chicken salads, light dishes and to fruit plates.

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

Late Harvest Furmint:

In this wine, sweetness and fragrance are combined, as an embracing young couple in love and in harmony.

We harvest the impeccable raw material in early December. This wine is made through the sorting of the overripe, withered grapes, with controlled fermentation. In order to keep the lighter, fruity features, we mellow them in stainless steel tanks. Its color is bright gold. Its aroma is full of minerals and is rich in fruit: apricots,  peaches, cantaloupe, greengage and honey. With its high sugar content and acidity, it enchants its consumers. Its body is creamy, dense, yet it is incredibly easy to sip. We can meet in its flavor the aroma notes of its smell. Although, it is not a fully mature wine yet, but at this age it also provides a full experience.

This delightfully sweet wine can be drunk at 10-11 ° C as an aperitif, with exotic spiced dishes, cheese and with desserts.

Budányi Couvée

E Tokaji édes minőségi borunkban a Sárga muskotály mézes illata, a hárslevelű gyümölcsössége és a kövér szőlő finom lágysága, bársonyossága kellemes sav és cukor harmóniában ötvöződik. Így nyújt vissza nem térő élményt fogyasztójának és kedvelőinek. Ajánljuk édes mártással készült főételekhez, valamint étkezést követő édességek után 10-12 °C-ra hűtve.