The origins of our wine cellar could be traced back to 1901, to Count Harkányi, all the other records were lost, but this cellar was probably built around the 1700s. It is 300 meters long and nearly 300 barrels can be found here, too. The greatest ornament of the cellar is the wine museum, where there are 5000 historic wine bottles under maturation. We have opened seven branches for our guests, where we provide wine tasting and cellar introduction in candle light. Basically we include 6-8 different types of wine in the wine tasting, but if required you can also taste the other types of our wine from the wide selection we provide. If you wish, we can prepare cakes, cheese plates and lepcsák (a Hungarian specialty) on request. We can serve dinners with the winery’s traditional dishes, cold dishes and dishes of the Hungarian cuisine. I hope that I have managed to draw your interest.

I hope that after agreeing on an appointment, I can host you and your friends for the next wine tasting!