The Tokaj wine is “God's blessing”, a bottled miracle of Hungary. We preserve, love and protect this miracle since 1631, since Máté Laczkó Szepsi. Our family winery operates for this every day.

The first noble wine was made by Máté Laczkó Szepsi in 1650, when the preacher postponed the harvest longer than usual, till November 10, because he was afraid of the Turkish evasion. The Oremus vineyard had become very withered by that time. Exceptional wine was made from the botrytised grapes, which then were served on prince's table and which had immediately won a real reputation.

The Tokaj Aszú wine became the world-famous during the Rákóczi era. They introduced this wine type for the French King, for Lajos XIV, who he is still known for his quote: “The wine of the kings, the king of the wines”.

This nectar has made Tokaj-Hegyalja and Hungary world famous. This wine type is the world's finest sweet wine. The Aszú wine is made from the withered grapes, which have botrytis, a so called “noble rot through a special procedure. The quality of the wine is determined by “Puttony number”, which is seen on the bottle. This figure shows how many “puttony (25 kg/puttony)” of carefully selected withered grapes were mixed with the must in a Gönczi barrel. Based on the number of “Puttonys”, we can talk about Aszú wine with 3, 4, 5 and 6 “puttony”. The higher the number is, the higher the quality is and the sweeter the wine is.